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“I believe we all want to be better and do better, but often don’t know where to begin.
Through my coaching, I help uncover what matters most and identify a path forward.”


Sue Oliver

Personal, Leadership and Organizational Coach


In my childhood, I was shaped by people in my life who encouraged me to ask questions, to challenge the status quo and to innovate, through curiosity, creativity and hard work.

My personal perspective frames my professional career. While I am practical, it is my inclination to challenge what appears on the surface of people, and situations, and to believe that change is always possible.

For more than 20 years, I have worked with individuals and some of the nation’s largest and most complex organizations, to enable them to reach new levels of strength and performance. I have done this by using my passions to find and focus on solutions, often seeing a path forward where others thought one could not easily be found.

I believe that, whether personally or as leaders, we all want to be better and do better, but often don’t know where to begin. Throughout my career, I have been driven to help others resolve conflict within themselves and with others, to allow them to move forward successfully.

Through my coaching, I help articulate desired outcomes, identify a path forward and elevate people to be accountable to the person they are striving to become.

I live in Dallas-Fort Worth with my husband, Doug. Together, we enjoy an active lifestyle of hiking, sports and social gatherings.

OUR PASSIONBuild Powerful Networks

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RECENT WORKSelected Projects

RECENT WORKSelected Projects

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